Allianz Global Life

Officially represented by its Board of Directors:


  • Carsten Quitter (German), Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Giampaolo Viseri (Italian), Chief Executive Officer
  • Patricia Colton
  • Mary Fulton
  • Christian Finckh (German)
  • Oliver Wohlgemuth (German)


Designated Activity Company Registered in Ireland

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Registered Office Maple House, Temple Road Blackrock Dublin, Ireland – Company within the Group Allianz SE, authorised for the exercise of life insurance services by the Central Bank of Ireland – Reg. No. 458565.

Directors: Carsten Quitter (German), Chairman; Giampaolo Viseri (Italian), Chief Executive Officer; Patricia Colton; Mary Fulton; Christian Finckh (German); Oliver Wohlgemuth (German);