Brand name Allianz Global Investors is being misused in connection with an attempted fraud

Allianz Global Investors wishes to alert its clients and potential investors that its brand name of Allianz Global Investors is being misused. The name of one of its funds, "Allianz Global Investors Fund", has been cloned and is being used in connection with offering certain financial services which are unrelated to services provided by Allianz Global Investors. The cloned company has set up a website ( and This is without our authority and has no link to our Allianz Global Investors Fund and appears to be fraudulent.

We would like to inform you that Allianz Global Investors does offer products with the name of "Allianz Global Investors Fund", however, Allianz Global Investors has no connections whatsoever with the website Anyone receiving "cold calls" in respect of Allianz Global Investors Fund should not divulge any personal data or make any payments.

You can report any attempted fraud to AGI at the following email address:

LOTTERY FRAUD in combination with telephone calls

Currently, customers and other persons are receiving phone calls from an alleged Allianz "Lottery Department", informing them that they have won a certain amount of money. In order to receive this money, they are informed that they need to pay a service fee and in some cases also provide their account details.

We would like to inform you that Allianz does not have a "Lottery Department" and does not make such phone calls (especially not in connection with a Company called "TippAllianz" or via a call center). We urgently warn you to not disclose any personal data, particularly details of your account, in response to such phone calls.

To protect customers and the public, Allianz has already taken legal action. Please inform us at if you suspect that you have received such phone calls made with fraudulent intent.


Allianz has become aware that the Allianz name and logo are misused in connection with lottery scams. These lottery scams follow a general pattern. Members of the public receive letters in which purported Spanish lottery officials inform them that they have won a large cash prize which has supposedly been deposited at and/or insured by an Allianz Security Company. For that purpose falsified logos of Allianz are used. In order to collect the prize, the addressee should first pay a fee that covers administrative costs for the alleged Allianz Security Company. The addressees should be aware that Allianz has no connection to the fraudster.

Anyone receiving such correspondence should not disclose any personal information or transfer any payments, as such advance fees will be lost. Allianz has reported the fraudster to the police. More details about lottery scams can be found in the internet e.g.:

US Department of State / International Travel Information / Spanish Lottery Scam


Allianz takes reports of suspicious or fraudulent activities, including Internet fraud or identity theft involving the unauthorized usage of the Allianz brand very seriously.

If you become aware of potentially fraudulent activities relating to any Allianz company or product (e.g. non existing Allianz companies, Bond Scams or people falsely pretending to work for Allianz), please inform us at

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