Allianz Active4Life

Allianz Active4Life is a the new solution combining market leading asset management and insurance know-how to meet different clients needs and segments.

With a minimum payment of 25,000 euros, Allianz Active4Life offers:

  • Participation to the performance obtained by the AGL internal fund Allianz Strategy Select 50;
  • Annual capital invested guarantee, with a mechanism that guarantees 90% of either the premium invested at the time of activation or the capital accrued at the annual anniversary

Furthermore, Allianz Active4Life allows you to:

  • Be in control of the capital invested, thanks to the possibility to withdraw, partially or totally, your policy at any time;
  • Liquidate the accrued capital in the policy to your beloved, in case of premature death of the Insured, taking advantage of either the benefit of the annual guarantee or capital increase.