Allianz Invest4Life

Allianz Invest4Life

The innovation pension solution - featuring the guaranteed pension that can only increase

Allianz Invest4Life is a single-premium private pension insurance policy. It combines an investment with a guaranteed lifelong pension.

  • You receive a secure pension with a lifelong guarantee that can increase, but can never decrease.
  • You decide whether to start drawing your pension immediately or in a few years' time.
  • You benefit from the growth opportunities on the capital markets - without having to concern yourself with them.
  • This investment for life allows you to plan ahead and gives you financial freedom.

Unique selling point of Allianz Invest4Life. This is what Allianz Invest4Life offers in comparison to existing products.

Independently verified quality

Established rating agencies such as A.M Best, Standard & Poor's and Moody's regularly give Allianz top marks for quality, financial strength and security.