Allianz Active4Life


4 Funds, 4 levels of guarantee:

4 award winning multi asset strategies are wrapped in 4 funds especially designed to be hedged - optimised and with target volatility control - to each fund, including one ESG, corresponds a level of guarantee, from 93% to 85%.

Annual guarantee:

An innovative annual guarantee system designed to allow you to enjoy your investment with serenity, thanks to an innovative hedging mechanism, which marks the guarantee "active" and independent from the underlying investment. The guarantee can be activated or deactivated during the life of the policy and it is applied to the policy value any anniversary. 

Assets & guarantee are independent:

Allianz Active4Life is built on the "GMAB" (Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefit) model. At the end of each policy anniversary the guarantee works in a way that the policy value cannot be lower than 93%-92%-90%-85% of the previous anniversary value. Thanks to the hedging mechanism on the underlying fund, completely independent from the investment in the fund itself, the premium is always invested in the underlying asset and there is no mix between the guarantee and the asset management choice.


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