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Allianz Global Life dac is rapidly growing and from its Head Quarter in Dublin, is offering their products and solutions in different European Markets. 

Every day, we keep building on our strong foundations and reinforce our leading position by focusing our efforts in five fields of action.

We do this by offering to our Clients and business partners unique Protection and Insurance Investment Solution, with a high degree of financial and technical innovation, we have been doing it since we were born.

Allianz Global Life dac commenced its operations in 2008 and is part of the greater Allianz Group, and we base our business in these three principles: 

 - People and Performance matter

 - The ' what and the how '

 - People Attributes

Allianz Global Life dac is a company established by Allianz SE in Ireland and is a Company dedicated to the unique offering of Life Insurance products for the international market.

Part of the Allianz Group

We are a 100% owned subsidiary of Allianz SE, based in Dublin,  specialized in next generation of insurance solutions.

International by default

We are native cross-border company operating in several Countries. Our business model is a hybrid one as we operate in cross border in several jurisdictions both in Freedom of Services and in Freedom of Establishment.

Our customer base is also heterogenic base (i.e. local OEs, Banks, Brokers, Agents) each having different needs and requirement .

Unique Set of Products

Allianz Global Life dac is the only provider in Europe offering Variable Annuities in a cross-border way by the property channels of the local Allianz entities.

Allianz Global Life dac is the only authorized company in the Group to offer and to manage financially hedged products

Digital to Scale

Utilizing the resources and expertise of the Allianz Group and the know-how acquired over the years, Allianz Global Life dac can easily scale and adjust its set up to meet the specific service requirements of our Clients and business partners and by leveraging on the digital solutions. 

Utilising the resources and expertise of the Allianz Group, along with know-how acquired over our years in the industry, Allianz Global Life dac are able to scale and adjust our set up to meet the specific service requirements of our clients and business partners. We generate solutions by combining high product development expertise with the use of world class asset managers, supported by the strength of our internal functions like Risk management and Product Development teams, who apply to our solutions the highest standards in the industry. Our success story so far, along with the ever increasing motivation from employees and management alike to continue improving, demonstrate our passion and ability to attract and retain the right talent to continue our growth and success as a company.

Officially represented by its Board of Directors:


  • Caroline Schwarzer (German), Chairman of the Board
  • Giampaolo Viseri (Italian), Chief Executive Officer
  • Michele Bricchi (Italian)
  • Patricia Colton
  • Mary Fulton 
  • Kai Wallbaum (German)
  • Rebecca Wysocki (American)


Designated Activity Company Registered in Ireland

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Registered Office Maple House, Temple Road Blackrock Dublin, Ireland – Company owned by Allianz SE. Allianz Global Life Designated Activity Company is regulated in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Registered in Ireland, Company Reg. No.: 458565.