Our purpose is not just about providing financial security. 'We secure your future' also means that sustainability in all its dimensions is a priority for the Board and the management team, starting with me as CEO.

Ultimately, we believe that sustainability and inclusivity are the best way to realize our potential for growth and value creation. And at the same time, contribute to a more sustainable future for the world and the societies in which we live and work.


By the very nature of what we do – protecting people, assets and businesses against risk – we make a positive contribution to society. Our ambition is to move from being a responsible company in our own right to be a leading force in the financial services industry and beyond. To achieve it, we focus on three high-impact areas



Anticipating the risks of a changing climate, protecting vulnerable people and targeting investments and engagement to drive a low carbon future




Aiming to be the most trusted partner for protecting and growing our stakeholders' assets.




Leading in our industry or how we consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in our insurance, investments, and asset management. 
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Registered Office Maple House, Temple Road Blackrock Dublin, Ireland – Company owned by Allianz SE. Allianz Global Life Designated Activity Company is regulated in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Registered in Ireland, Company Reg. No.: 458565.